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DOLLS - May / June 2019 DIGITAL

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The July 2019 issue of DOLLS is our special annual Debut of Dolls collector’s edition featuring 84 full-color pages!

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DOLLS Magazine - July 2019 - Digital Edition

The July 2019 issue of DOLLS features 84 four-color pages. This issue is our special annual Debut of Dolls collector’s edition! Inside, you’ll find features on nearly 50 top doll artists and designers, including Miroslava Brodlova, Lorella Falconi, Hildegard Günzel, Lauren Faith Jaimes, Nancy Latham, Connie Lowe, Donna RuBert, Beverly Stoehr, and Zofia & Henry Zawieruszynski.


10 Hildegard Günzel
Says farewell to doll manufacturing this year
By Claudia Senior

14 Nancy Latham
A Dollmaker’s Tale
By Nancy Latham

16 Maria Lynn Grover
Reborn artist shares her love of babies
By Stephanie Finnegan

18 Miroslava Brodlova
Variety is the spice of BJD designer’s life
By Wil Peterson

20 Charlene Smith
Collaboration is key for doll customizer’s marketing success
By Wil Peterson

22 Roxanna Maria
Focus on health means fewer doll projects
By Wil Peterson

24 Madame Alexander Doll Company
2019 designs honor company’s dollmaking roots
By Stephanie Finnegan

26 Debby Brooks
Remarkably realistic reborns
By Pam North

28 Kim Arnold
Crafts chunky, spunky BJDs
By Wil Peterson

28 Stacey Haskins
Makes magic with reborns
By Pam North

30 JC Toys
Follows a family traditional of quality baby dolls
By Stephanie Finnegan

32 Vanessa “Vee” Lee
Doll collector turns artist, collecting advocate
By Stephanie Finnegan

34 Jennifer Latham-Robinson
Dollmaking is a family tradition

35 Christina Whiting
Aims for even more realism

36 JpopDolls
Brings BJDs from around the world to US collectors

38 Bo Bergemann
Bears, BJDs coexist in artist’s new world
By Wil Peterson

39 April Norton
Puts a modern spin on traditional dollmaking
By Stephanie Finnegan

40 Connie Lowe
Depression era continues to inspire haunting BJDs
By Wil Peterson

42 Shawna Clymer
Sculpts babies of all sizes
By Pam North

42 Queen’s Treasures
Expands Little House line in 2019

43 Stella Tu
Combines engineering, art training in her dollmaking

44 Sarah Mellman
Reborn artist turns to sculpting fantasy kits

46 Rashaell Dyson
Reborns reflect love of dolls, art

47 Dolly Dames
Artist finds joy in dollmaking

48 Virginia Obeius
BJD designer turns adversity into art
By Wil Peterson

50 Lorella Falconi
‘Dolls are my passion’

50 Dina Meneses Enes
Accidental doll artist
By Pam North

51 Jeni Razoux
Babies that go bump in the night
By Stephanie Finnegan

52 Donna RuBert
Takes on new challenge
By Stephanie Finnegan

52 Zofia & Henry Zawieruszynski
Opt for OOAK longevity
By Wil Peterson

53 Laura Tuzio-Ross
Fashions beautiful babies
By Pam North

54 Judy Porter
Driven to design
By Wil Peterson

54 Holly Hartzell-Reviglio
Makes unique fantasy figures

55 Brenda Mize
Adds BJD face-ups to her repertoire
By Stephanie Finnegan

56 Debbie Sampson
Two decades of tiny dolls

57 Beverly Stoehr
Still passionate about dollmaking after 50 years
By Stephanie Finnegan

58 Virginia Comish
Returns to reborns

58 Edith Schmidt
Crafts fashions for BJDs
By Stephanie Finnegan

60 Tiffany Campbell
Imitates life in huggable art
By Pam North

60 Lorna Miller-Sands
Brings babies to life in silicone

62 Judy Pollard
Creativity fueled by fairies
By Wil Peterson

62 Marge Crunkleton
Creates holiday cheer year-round
By Stephanie Finnegan

63 Elsie Rodriguez
Sculpts babies big and small

64 Linda Lyons
Makes OOAK magic

66 Lauren Faith Jaimes
Sculpts stories

67 Rita Rich Arnold
Channels love of newborns into dolls

68 Paging the Doll Doctor
Antique, vintage dolls get new lease on life at Attic Antiquity Dolls
By Dorothy Meredith

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