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DOLLS - July / August 2014

The July 2014 issue of DOLLS is our yearly Debut of Dolls issue! It features 84 four-color pages, with a focus this year’s newest and most popular dolls!

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The July to August 2014 issue of DOLLS is our yearly Debut of Dolls issue! It features 84 four-color pages, with a focus this year’s newest and most popular dolls! Featured doll artists in this issue include Sherry Rawn, Gretchen Anthony, April Norton, and Henry & Zofia Zawieruszynski. Plus, don’t miss Tonner Doll celebrating a movie milestone.


10  Inspiration Everywhere
Bo Bergemann keeps growing as an artist
By Jill Jackson

12  Eternally Elegant
Henry & Zofia Zawieruszynski create dolls with Old World charm
By Stephanie Finnegan

14  Spreading Good Cheer
Beverly Stoehr aims to give the gift of happiness
By Stephanie Finnegan

16  Pastel Skies
Hildegard Günzel’s 2014 dolls are gentle reminders of fragility, delicacy
By Stephanie Finnegan

22  Over the Rainbow
Tonner Doll helps celebrate a movie milestone

24 Stone-Age Pursuits
Cristy Stone’s agenda accommodates both fantasy and reality
By Wil Peterson

26 Silver & Bold
After 25 years, Jack Johnston’s focus remains on professtional growth, supporting the dollmaking community
By Wil Peterson

30 All-Around Artist
Susan Lake makes her mark in performance, design

32 Biz & Buzz
Characters, couture keep JAMIEshow on the cutting edge
By Wil Peterson

34 Oh, Baby!
Sherry Rawn creates lifelike, loveable infants
By Stephanie Finnegan

35 Custom Creations
Charlene Smith gives BJDs the full spa treatment

36 Real & Wondrous
Gretchen Anthony imbues her reborns with a spark of life
By Stephanie Finnegan

38 Porcelain Perfection
April Norton excels in crafting modern-day heirlooms
By Stephanie Finnegan

40 Childhood Dreams
MasterPiece Dolls offer realistic child dolls

42  Pretty in Porcelain
Annette Herrmann brings back nostalgia

43  Bouncing Babies
Reborn artist Donna Martin continues expanding her techniques

44  Fabric Fancies
Rachel Sherrod turns dollmaking into a second career

45  Lace & Elegance
Edith Schmidt creates fashions for BJDs

46  New Directions
Kim Arnold expands her BJD repertoire
By Jill Jackson

48  A Full Calendar
Connie Lowe is an artist on the move
By Jill Jackson

50 Cradle Creations
The reborn art of Rebecca Chamblee

51 Sculpting Stories
Glenna Hartwell makes dolls that lend themselves to storytelling

52 Quirky Little Girls
Judy Porter can’t help having fun with dollmaking
By Jill Jackson

53 From Babies to BJDs
Linda Macario’s child dolls find favor with collectors
By Jill Jackson

54 Berdine Creedy
A new perspective on perfection
By Jill Jackson

56 Changing Directions
Lisa Gregg shifts from babies to BJDs

58 Classic Contemporary
Lorella Falconi combines romantic charm with modern style
By Jill Jackson

59 Happily Ever After
Fairy tales do come true — just ask reborn artist Shawna Clymer
By Stephanie Finnegan

60 Through a Doll’s Eyes
Ankie Daanen’s unique approach to making miniature marvels
By Wil Peterson

61 Dance Your Cares Away
Gregg Ortiz’s current projects include ‘Fraggle Rock’ dolls
By Wil Peterson

62 Pursuing Artistic Excellence
Dianna Effner & the Doll Dreamers’ Guild

63 Porcelain Portraits
Sarah Maldonado explores the timeless appeal of past fashions
By Wil Peterson

64 Past is Present
Heidi Plusczok’s new dolls reflect her dollmaking roots
By Jill Jackson

66 Fashion Mash-Ups
Val Zeitler’s dolls take quirky to the next level
By Jill Jackson

67  Taking Baby Steps
Debby Brooks hopes to touch collectors with new toddler line
By Stephanie Finnegan

68  Marking a Milestone
Kaye Wiggs celebrates 25 years of dollmaking with special sculpt

70  BJDs & Babies
Pat Moulton keeps expanding her dollmaking horizons
By Jill Jackson

71  Dolls With Heart
Sonja Hartmann offers more options to doll collectors
By Wil Peterson

74  For Art’s Sake
Roxanna Maria Sullivan takes dollmaking to new artistic heights
By Wil Peterson

75  Joy-ful Celebrations
Sculptor Joy Calhoon explores mother-child bonds, more
By Wil Peterson

78  Captured in Cloth
Judy Rankine prefers the softer side of dollmaking

82  A Lifetime’s Obsession
Maggie Iacono’s dollmaking is a family affair
By Jill Jackson

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