DOLLS - April 2017

DOLLS - April 2017

DOLLS - January / February 2017

DOLLS - January / February 2017

DOLLS - March 2017

The March 2017 issue of DOLLS features 52 full-color pages and focuses on fashion dolls!

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The March 2017 issue of DOLLS features 52 four-color pages. This issue is focused on fashion dolls, with features about Numina, Emperis, and Ficondoll. You’ll also find articles on Linda Macario’s BJDs and the history-inspired creations of doll artist Theresa Merritt, and rare fashions for Ideal’s Toni dolls. Plus, we have our usual columns on antique and vintage dolls, two paper dolls, and more!


8 Past Perfect

Theresa Merritt finds inspiration in history

By Stephanie Finnegan

 12 Emperis

Style, Passion and Innovation

By Adrian Cardozo


18 Numina’s Next Chapter

Paul Pham reveals his plans for a new year

By Wil Peterson


24 Spring Break with Arizona

Ficondoll’s best doll of 2016 is set for spring

By Adrian Cardozo


28  Bellissimi Bambini

Linda Macario crafts winsome, innocent BJDs

By Pam North


34  Emperis

Rare and unusual fashions for Ideal’s Toni doll

By A. Glenn Mandeville


40 Hair Apparent

Monique Trading specializes in doll wigs

By Sharon Verbeten

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