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DOLLS - January/February 2022

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DOLLS - April 2022

DOLLS - March 2022

The March 2022 issue of DOLLS features 48 full-color pages, features on fantasy-themed dolls and a special section covering lifelike reborn and silicone baby dolls.
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The March 2022 issue of DOLLS is 48 full-color pages and includes this articles about doll artists Anna Maryina, Elizabeth Cooper, and Autumn Bellar, a focus on fantasy-themed dolls, DOLLS’ annual spotlight on reborn and silicone baby dolls, and more!



8 Feminine Mystique
Anna Maryina Dolls Capture the Many Facets of Female Beauty
By Stephanie Finnegan

12 Fantastic Figures
Doll Artists Find Inspiration in Fantasy Designs

14 Sculptural Therapy
Elizabeth Cooper Carves Her Own Creative Niche With Clay Characters
By Wil Peterson

R1 DOLLS Presents Reborns & Lifelike Babies

R5 Sarah Mellman Makes Dream of Fantasy Reborn Kits a Reality

R6 Born Innocent
Nadaleena Mirat Brettmann Creates Dolls That Reflect the Wonder of Newborns
By Stephanie Finnegan

R10 Julia Kristal Combines Love of Dolls, Art to Create Silicone Babies
By Pam North

R12 Be My Baby Artists Share Their LIfelike Creations

33 Autumn Bellar Makes Monsters, Fairies, and More

40 Famous Queens and Martha Washington
By Karen B. Kurtz


6 Editor’s Notebook

34 Curious Collector

36 Antique Q&A

38 Doll Scene

44 Paper Doll

46 Event Calendar

46 Classifieds

46 Advertiser Index

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