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DOLLS - July 2022

The July 2022 issue of DOLLS is our special annual Debut of Dolls collector’s edition featuring 64 full-color pages!
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The July 2022 issue of DOLLS is 64 full-color pages. This issue is our special annual Debut of Dolls collector’s edition! Inside, you’ll find articles on more than 20 artists and designers, including Connie Lowe, JHD Fashion Doll, Madame Alexander, Meadow Dolls, Beverly Stoehr, Zwergnase, and more. Plus, this issue includes previews of several summer doll shows and our usual columns on antique and vintage dolls.



10 Enduring Legacy

DOLLS Celebrates Dianna Effner’s Lifetime of Achievement

By Stephanie Finnegan


14 Zwergnase

German Dollmaker Builds on Tradition

By Stephanie Finnegan


16 Rose Lacefield

Offers Mix of Old, New BJD Designs in 2022


18 Madame Alexander

Prepares for Centennial Celebration

By Julie Jurrjens


20 Maria Lynn Grover

Offers Babies in All Sizes


22 Connie Lowe

Artist’s BJDs Pay Tribute to Family Memories, History

By Stephanie Finnegan


26 Vanessa ‘Vee’ Lee

Huggable Angel Dolls Provide COVID Comfort

By Vanessa ‘Vee’ Lee


28 Beverly Stoehr

Creates Babies, Toddlers in Many Mediums


30 JHD Fashion Doll

New Sculpts, Spectacular Adventures Propel Jiao Huadon’s Company

By Wil Peterson


34 April Norton

Paints Porcelain, Vinyl Dolls


34 JC Toys

Adds New Accessories to Berenguer Boutique


36 Virginia Lee

Gears Up for New Doll Line


38 Kathleen Hill

Is Inspired by History


38 Laura Corti

Journeys From Collecting to Creating


40 Meadow Dolls

Despite Production Delays, BJD Maker Is Set for ‘Great Year Ahead’


42 Brenda Mize

Creates Dolls With a Personal Touch


42 Bee Eclectic Studio

Porcelain Classics Owner Adds New Business


44 Carol Johansen

Finds Joy in Dollmaking


44 Edith Schmidt

Sews Fashions for BJDs

By Edith Schmidt


46 Shai Hoffer:

‘Dolls are like a long-distance hug’

By Shai Hoffer


48 Annette Herrmann

Gears Up to Introduce Third BJD

By Annette Herrmann


48 Rachel Sherrod

Crafts Dolls From Cloth


49 Akie Yamada

Marks a Decade of Dollmaking


49 Sarah Maldonado

Re-Creates Fabulous Fashions of the Past




8 Editor’s Notebook

50 Shows of Note

54 Antique Q&A

56 Curious Collector

58 Event Calendar

58 Advertiser Index

59 Portraits

59 Classifieds

60 Paper Doll

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