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DOLLS - November / December 2017

The November/December 2017 issue of DOLLS features 52 full-color pages, including features about four artists specializing in fantasy creations and more!

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The November/December 2017 issue of DOLLS features 52 four-color pages. This issue focuses on fantasy doll creations, with features on artists Lori Platt, Linda Steele, Natalie Ruiz, and Linda Ehrenfried. Plus, features on Anna Dobryakova’s fashion BJDs, Volks’ L.A. Doll Party, a pattern for 16-inch fashion dolls, and more!


8 Artistic Discoveries
Lori Platt finds her passion in polymer clay
By Pam North

12 Dream Catcher
Linda Steele's inner visions take doll form
By Stephanie Finnegan

18 Myth & Majesty
Natalie Ruiz makes dolls inspired by history, fantasy
By Stephanie Finnegan

22 Surrounded by Inspiration
Linda Ehrenfried's fantasy dolls encompass many styles
By Pam North

28 Tender Loving Flair
Anna Dobryakova delivers dazzling BJD creations
By Wil Peterson

32 Party Time!
Volks fans flock to L.A. BJD bash
Photos courtesy of Volks USA

36 Queen of Love & Beauty
A medieval fantasy ensemble for 16-inch fashion dolls
By Angela P. Wade

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